Getting Started (Setting up your Digital Farm)

In this Section we’ll go over the basics of what you need to build your own Digital Farm. At DigiFarms our farms have no less than 3 devices per farm, but you can upgraded to as manydevicesas your internet can handle.

Recommendation: If upgrading to more than 5 devices, check to see if it affects the internet for the other users (Video Gamers especially) in your household before expanding your Digital Farm.


Digital Devices –Almost any iPad, Tablet, iPod, iPhone, Android, or Windows phones will do.

  • Does Not Require a Phone Carrier
  • Power Cords and Bases for devices
  • A Decent Router
  • Internet Service
  • iTunes Store or Google Play Store Account
  • E-mail Address

ExpertTip:We recommend creating a free email address for farming purposes rather than using your personal email address. This will make things easier if a reset is needed, and for managing expansion to multiple farms in the future.Remember, Success begins with the end in mind!

Once you have everything on your checklist its time to get started.

Setting up Perk TV

Step 1

On your firstmobile device go to the, iTunes Store or Google Play Store and Search for the application you want to start farming. (In this walk through we will use Perk TV with an iPhone)

Step 2

Once the app has downloaded, launch the app and you will see a login or Sign Up page. Select the “Sign Up” option and, enter your email address and a password then press “Create Account” or you can use your Facebook to create an account.

Step 3

A few welcome windows will appear when entering your account for first time.
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Or you can skip the free pointsand continue to the “Watch and Earn” page.

Step 4

Select the “Movie Trailer” option and pick a trailer to watch.

A short ad will play followed by a Movie Trailer. Once the trailer is done you will be awarded your points and a screen will appear with an 8 second countdown. Now you have the option to replay or start the next trailer. If nothing is select before the countdown is done it will automatically play the next trailer and continue to earn points. The app will continue to do this for a couple of hours without you needing to touch anything.

Step 5

Lastly download the “Perk TV” app on the other Devices in your farm (Up to a max of 5 per account) and “Log In” with the same account information you just setup. Start the movie trailer on your devices and let the full power of your farm collect points.

If you need more device you need more device check out our store for our recommended devices.


You’ve just set up your Digital Farm to harvest points from Perk TV. All that’s left is to Farm some points and Cash Out when you’re ready.

Remember that Perk just is one of the ways to earn with your Digital Farm. They are the most popular and our first recommendation because of their passive Farming. Other application are less passive but earn much faster.

If you’re ready for the next level of Digital Farming check out the Advanced Farming Section , and run multiple applications at the same time.