Limit Screen Brightness and Reduce Heat

Depending on the device, your phone or tablet can get hot from running videos 24/7. It’s important to keep down the brightness to both extend the device’s life and keep it cool. It’s also a good idea to keep your Digital Farm in a cool ventilated place if available.

Your devices will get warm from being used consistently so make sure to keep them cool.

Restart Your DevicesEvery 2 to 3 Days.

This is not required, but highly recommend. Mostdevices will use all of its Ram and can slow down your earnings or even get stuck. Just to be on the safe side it’s recommended to restart your devices periodically.

Conserve Your Electricity.
Investing in a timer for your devices will save you money in the long run and depending on the size of your Farm may add up to a good amount of savings. DigiFarms offers a good selection of timers available in our Store store