Who am I ?

Hi my name is Sean and I’m founder and creator of digifarms.net

I’m a certified computer technician by trade with more than a decade of experience in IT. I’ve worked as a top tier technician for both small and large companies as an IT Analysis, so seeing things in a different way is something that I do well.

Like many of us I grew up surrounded by technology, and as a kid I grew up playing Nintendo and computer games and was always amazed at what technology did for me on an entertainment level. As I got older and became a computer technician, I appreciated what technology did for me on a professional level. In recent years I’ve developed an understanding of what it offered on a financial level.

It was about one year ago that I first started noticing applications developed to capitalize on an over-bloated advertising budget. I researched and found apps that could earn money passively. Meaning the app would play on its own for a few hours at a time. At this point I owned 2 older mobile devices and an Ipad that were capable of running these apps sitting on a self near the TV. An iPad and 2 iPhone 4 that had been sitting unused for months, maybe even a year. I saw an opportunity to re purpose my older devices and dedicated them to earning points on these apps. After reading through the Terms of Service I setup my accounts on a few apps and began to collect points daily

Every morning I would start my iPad before I went to work and again when I came home from work along with my phone and finally again before I went to sleep. Over the course of about couple weeks missing a few days here and there I made $50 dollars and bought a cracked iPhone on eBay. I started doing this every few weeks, farm my points, collect an eBay gift card, and buy another phone. I quickly realized the impact having more devices made on my Farm and began to make points faster and faster. It got to the point I was getting another phone every week.

I setup an account for my wife shortly she had a farm of her own, and we were collecting between $60 – $100 each week and purchasing 1 to 2 phones a week. I setup a farm at my Moms house, then my sister’s house, my best friend’s house and then a co-workers houses. Because I kept buying a few phones every week I decide to setup farms for other people with devices I owned (so no cost to them) taught them what to do, and split the monthly earnings with them. We both win. Free for them, and larger earnings for me

iPhone’s and had setup and taught so many people that I was being approached by friends of friends that wanted to know more.

That was when I decide to create this website and help everyone realize how digital farming can be used to benefit everyone.