What is Digital Farming?

Digital Farming is one or more Digital devices used to make profit over a period of time. For Digi-farmers these profits come in the form of gift cards and PayPal cash outs.

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How does it work?

If you’ve ever played games like Farmville or Clash of Clans or any RPG game then you may already be familiar with the concept of farming for fun.

We show you how to farm points from free applications, then cash out those points for real money and gift cards.

Download App….Farm Points….Cash Out!

It really is that Simple!

Digifarm Boot Camp

At Digifarms Boot Camp you’ll learn the basics of creating and managing your own digital farm.

Passive Farming Apps

Application that will build points almost automatically.  These applications build points slower but don’t need much interaction from you.  Super Easy Point Building.

Manual Farming Apps

Manual Farming Apps will Earn bigger points and cashing out is faster.

Advanced Farming Section

As a Member we teach you what to get, where to get it, and how to make the most of your Digital Farm.


Join our Digifarm Community!  Ask Questions. Get Answers. Share Knowledge.

Digifarms Store

Get everything you need to be successful.  Maximize your Digital Farm and its potential.

What Kind of profits?

Our Digital Farms produce on average an extra $20 – $30/week per Farm.
Advanced Farmers are make closer to $25-$50/week per Farm. And yes, you make more than 1 Farm!

Potential Earnings

Alright guys here is the part most of you have been waiting for…let’s calculate the total potential earnings.

Results vary based on internet speed, device, and application version, but on average most people will see weekly results like:

3 devices will make $10 – 15
4 devices will make $15 – 20
5 devices will make $20 – 25

Why become a member with Digifarms?

  • It’s Free!
  • Easy to understand directions (with photos) on setting up your digital farm.
  • Continually updated information on major and minor apps to farm.
  • Methods to maximize your Digital Farms profits
  • Tips and Tricks to maximize the life of your farm
  • Access to our Forum to exchange information and ideas with the Digital Farming community.
  • Exclusive emails for Advanced Digital Farming Methods
  • Because as a member you have a voice, and with enough voices we can shape the future of Digital Farming.
  • Because We Are the Industry Experts!

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